IMG_3742_Protug_15Research supporting TOW training machine
Researchers from Strive Sport Science and the School of Health and Human Performance in Dublin City University have concluded that there is huge potential for this Tug of War training machine to improve Tug of War performance. The key physical predictors for successful Tug of War performance include strength, endurance, team coordination and concentration (Warrington et al, 2001).

Tug of War training and matches involved a predominantly isometric muscular contraction either pulling against an opposition in matches or an immovable object or lifting device. This novel and innovative device replicates the isometric contraction and body position associated with Tug of War competition. The device also simulates live opposition by maintaining constant resistance on the rope, allowing athletes to train in a more match-specific manner. Most importantly, this device allows athletes to scientifically quantify the resistance on the rope. This enables athletes to train more efficiently by constantly evaluating training methods and gauging progress.




Machine Specifications

Length Of Machine:12 Meters
Width Of Machine:1100mm
Total Height From Ground To Base Of Machine:220mm
Total Height Of Machine:2250mm
Total Height Of Back Of Machine:1360mm
Weight Bridge:1600 X 850mm
Total Height Of Control Panel:1050mm
Total Length Of Control Panel:1100mm
Required Space For Set Up:12 Meters
Power Requirements:20 Amps Single Phase Plug
Approximate Total Weight Of Machine Approx:890 Kilos